Executive Board News

Executive Board News 2014

August 2014

President* Anita Catlin, President Elect* Carrie Maloney, Vice President Membership Karen Canepa, Vice President Programs Suzanne Llamado, Recording Secretary Cindy Desomery, Treasurer* Jordan Rose, Publicity Chair* Myra Torres, Webmaster Jennifer Wu, Faculty Advisor MaryEllen Wilkosz, Co-Faculty Advisor Kathleen Rockett, Leadership Succession Anita Catlin, Governance Chair Kristin Robinson,  Graduate Student Representative Tom Desnoyers, Undergraduate Student Representative* Michaela Anderson, Membership Ambassador Ginelle Nelson, 
Research/Scholarship/Awards Chair Krista Wolcott 

* New Position (others are continuing in their position)

Executive Board News 2013

August 2013

Lambda Gamma would like to welcome the following officers into their new positions! Svetlana Mulcahy: President Elect, Karen Canepa: Vice President –Membership, Cindy Desomery: Secretary - Recording, Thalia De Wolf: Secretary -Corresponding, and Anita Catlin- Leadership Succession.

Thank you to everyone to participated in our most recent elections. The Board of Directors is very thankful for members' involvement!