Member Happenings

Member Happenings

International Meeting of Nurse Researchers

Anita Catlin represented Lambda Gamma Chapter at the International Meeting of Nurse Researchers held in Prague Summer 2013. Catlin hosted  a symposium on the State of the Science for Perinatal Palliative Care. Researchers from many countries attended, as Drs Charlotte Wool from York University and Joana Mendes from Portugal described their scientific work based on Catlin’s.  Wool has conducted Delphi studies on bringing palliative care to the antenatal population. Mendes has created a palliative care protocol for Portugal.  Catlin, who is now conducting research on adults, told attendees that these two young researchers were “taking over the mantle” of providing palliative care for this population. In attendance were researchers instituting palliative care programs in Lebanon, Japan, and other American hospitals. Catlin also had the pleasure of seeing Portuguese Joana Mendes, who has been a speaker for the Lambda Gamma Chapter, inducted into Sigma Theta Tau at the international induction ceremony. Catlin thanks the chapter for support in providing a stipend to attend the conference.
Michelle Camicia, Lambda Gamma Member, was recently honored by the Johnson and Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future. Camicia, who is President of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, was interviewed and her research showcased. Camicia is the director of the Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center in Vallejo.
Rebecca Taylor-Ford returns to Santa Rosa. Rebecca Taylor-Ford, whose recent research on nurturing assistant nurse managers was funded by Lambda Gamma in 2012, has accepted the position of Director of Risk/Accreditation, Regulation and Licensing for Kaiser Santa Rosa.  Taylor-Ford will be Dr. Taylor-Ford in December when she received her Executive DNP degree from University of San Francisco.
Member Denise Laws will also be graduating from USF with her Executive DNP in December. Laws is championing the implementation of the Caritas work of theorist Jean Watson to the bedside. A recently completed set of videos are being shown throughout Northern California on how nurses can show caring in their daily work. The videos were produced by Sigma Theta Tau member Wendy Gaus, CN

Memorial Held for Dr. MaryLou McAthie

As a charter member of our chapter, MaryLou played a major role in the success of Sigma Theta Tau Lambda Gamma, she will be missed by all.

A memorial was held at Sonoma State for Dr. McAthie, co-founder of the Lambda Gamma Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau. Memories of her as a supporter of research and scholarship were shared, and those she mentored spoke of her belief in the advancement of nursing science. This was a lovely event shared by past faculty, students, friends, and family.